Our Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Centre is the leader in the field with innovative legal and non law services in Mauritius. Why? – because we innovate, pioneer and have been at the forefront of changes in legislation for the last 20 years to make the business environment more friendly to maximise IPR value and Return On Investment.

Our Services

IPO (Prosecution) Services

Our registration and prosecution services assist in dealing with the registration of Trademarks and Industrial Designs in Mauritius, the Indian Ocean and Africa.

We have been at the forefront of IPO legal development by:

  • Reviewing the actual legislation at the time of its enactment in 2002;
  • Being the first to affirm the right of Famous Marks to be protected in Mauritius, without registration;
  • Being the first to propose successfully the criteria upon which marks can be considered Famous in Mauritius in our Courts.

More importantly – we fight for causes. Our cause in IPO services is to have a level playing field.

Protection Services

We provide a wide range of services to protect IP from outsiders and insiders to a company – employees, (sub) contractors, suppliers and other third parties, protection for new product development and cross border or merger or joint venture exchanges.

New Products of 2017:


  • the Workplace IP Protection Series provides training and support to In-House counsel, compliance or HR teams for the protection of the intangible assets of a business in the workplace.
  • the Business IP Protection Series provides for commercial training and support to sales, operations and management for the protection of brand equity, goodwill and product placement rights of businesses against unfair competition, unfair practice and ‘concurrence déloyale’ in the marketplace.

Geroudis is known for its extended enforcement services for the protection of intellectual property rights.

We provide protection of IPR at customs, carry out domestic enforcement, conduct surveys and market analysis as well as online monitoring. Our intelligence team is equipped and experienced with more than 15 years of services to many FORBES 100 corporations.

Geroudis has pioneered in:


  • Modern criminal and civil enforcement by assisting to close more than 400 counterfeiting retailing outlets over the years 2004/2005 with a combined yearly turnover of USD 7 million in Mauritius.
  • Initiated the first customs led seizures and civil claims for customs detentions of imported counterfeit goods in early 2000’s.
  • The first civil raid with Court orders, and civil seizure of counterfeit goods.
  • The highest criminal fine for a criminal prosecution against counterfeiters.
  • The first Proceeds of Crime complaints in 2009, pursuant to a change in law which made counterfeiting also a possible money laundering offence.
  • Customs domestics raids in 2017 with more than 9200 products seized YTD.
Business Service
Geroudis assists businesses in optimising ROI and output of their intangible assets and intellectual property rights by providing training, audit and compliance as well as advisory support or support for market and product development using IPR.

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Sanjeev Ghurburrun

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