Parallel Imports

Geroudis handled the first case on copyright parallel imports where the Courts, on appeal have confirmed that our law provides that copyright owners can stop grey market imports into Mauritius on the basis of copyright

Famous Marks

Geroudis handled the three landmark cases on protection of famous marks in Mauritius successfully confirming the application of Article 6bis of the Paris convention, and the law in Mauritius to protection unregistered famous marks

Civil Seizure

Geroudis handled the first civil seizure injunctions for civil raids on retailers of counterfeit products in 2005 and closed a counterfeit clothing industry with an estimated USD 7 million USD turnover in that same year

Asset Recovery

Geroudis holds one of the highest recovery rates for Mauritius for having in the year 2015 assisted its client with the recovery of MUR 175 million and further having been the first to use the new asset recovery provisions made available in the Mauritius legislation.

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