Retail Re-engineering Post COVID-19 Lockdown

4th Session

Replay | } 5-10 Mins

I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” – Steve Jobs

But how?

We propose a series of 5 videos. Do let us have your feedback.

Join us for a free consultation to discuss your retail business before the 10th June 2020.   

Here is what you get as your free consultation:

  • A 360 degrees quick and dirty assessment of your business where we identify risks and issues which could bring down your business. Plus, we will use a 10-point business check list to identity lesser known risks.
  • Discuss with you any initiatives you have already taken to extend credit facilities or ask for additional cash or loans. Together we will look for weaknesses in the approach and make suggestions to strengthen the options where possible.
  • Provide tips and strategies as options which can be used by you post lockdown specially targeted to 3 aspects of your business:
  • getting the customer back to your shop;
  • managing cash flow;
  • making operational changes.

(There are at least 25% retail outlets which are expected to close due to underperformance or mismanagement prior to the lockdown, which now affects their position. Don’t add your business to the list!)

  • Create with you an actionable plan summary for your you to take over and implement!

You will get suggestions to safeguard your business, eliminate or reduce threats and protect your livelihood once and for all! 

Our guarantee to you is for you to leave the consultation with:

  • Clarity and focus on the problems which are causing you all the stress relating to your business;
  • Peace of mind for having discussed and brainstormed the concerns with professionals;
  • An actionable plan which gives you focus on how to reopen your retail business with confidence.

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Richard Wooding – Director. Matrix-8

Chief Executive with a proven track record of successful business development and leading turnarounds. Skilled at driving profit growth and market penetration in 3rd world markets, and managing significant strategic change and restructuring, in both multinationals and privately owned businesses. Over 25 years’ experience at CEO level in FMCG and other industries. Has lived and operated in 15 different countries in Africa and Asia. MBA from Cranfield (UK). Cosmopolitan, culturally astute, high energy and leads from the front.

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