The future of HR

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 The lockdown and pandemic are not only affecting businesses externally and in their markets, but also in the way management is considering the main functions which define the internal organisation of companies. 

The HR function is one of the main ones affected. Between working from home, redundancies, engagement and productivity challenges, and a new normal which is far from being defined, the labour market and function is going through formidable change. So what does the forecast look like for Mauritius and the HR function in the private sector? 


  • What is the new normal?
  • What are the trends in the HR department and HR industry?
  • Is remote working and freelancing the new way forward?
  • How have all the recent legislations changed the landscape for the future? 
  • What can we expect during this year and the next?
  • Jennifer Webb de Commarmond – CEO, Adecco

  • Christopher Park – Group Human Resources Manager, Terra

  • Krishan Deeljore – Consultant and Founder, BI Instruments

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