The future of FMCG

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The Food and fast-moving consumer goods market sourcing, retail and distribution is undergoing enormous change as any other industry for the moment. However, this one is the most important, as it affects what we eat, and the primary needs required in these times of crisis.

This webinar considers the 3 main new trends:

  1. The co-existence of supermarket distribution in parallel to the new home delivery system – how will they co-exist?
  2. The future of the FMCG market – what does the future hold for all the operators in the industry?
  3. What are the issues which each segment of the market, namely sourcing, distribution, retail having and what are suggestions can we find to solve the issues.
  • Pascal Tsin – CEO, Super U

  • Neerish Chooramun – Corporate Manager, Velogic

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