Managing your business through the pandemic

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For your business, the impact may not be less critical than your own health. We consider that the business impact of the pandemic on any business can be measured in 5 phases: 

  • Phase 1 – the Shock! (This is where we are now and it’s only the beginning)
  • Phase 2 – the Cash flow struggle and employment implications
  • Phase 3 – the second level impact – suppliers
  • Phase 4 – the global slowdown
  • Phase 5 – life after the pandemic!

The majority of business owners would already be losing sleep over their business. 

These may be essential questions to ask: 

  1. What are the services you provide and how did it fill the needs or wants of your clients?
  2. Do your clients have the same needs and wants as they did before the pandemic?
  3. What are the new needs your clients have?
  4. Do your products fulfil these new needs and wants?

If you do see a problem going through this, consider a systematic way to consider how you should plan your future.

  • Sanjeev Ghurburrun – Director. Geroudis

  • Richard Wooding – Director. Matrix-8

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