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Through the lockdown and reasonably foreseeable future for 2020, businesses are analyzing how consumer behavior is changing. Consumers are scared and less inclined to visit multiple outlets to do their shopping. Supermarket customer experience during the lockdown has been characterized by fear and necessity.

This is pushing several FMCG companies to consider home delivery systems as a new channel for distribution and retail rather than just relying upon the traditional channels of retail.

Although surprising, other retailers, such as clothing stores, seem oblivious to the fact that their customers will be similarly affected, and rent monies are better used to develop these online shops now. Indeed, it seems sensible that any retail currently operating from a physical shop will follow the trend to set up a home delivery system.

The webinar seeks to provide clarity around some of the issues which businesses and entrepreneurs are expected to face when they start off on this venture. The main ones are:

  • Creating the IT platform or order capture system
  • Finding and using a payment system (and funding)
  • Creating or partnering with a logistics system
  • Creating the customer experience and
  • Managing the new channel

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Consulting Expert : Richard Wooding, Director, Matrix-8

Moderator : Sanjeev Ghurburrun, Director, Geroudis Limited

Alexis Harel

General Manager, Grays Limited

Patrice Maury

CEO, Celero Group

Stephanie Ng Tseung-Yue 

Head of Cards, MCB


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