Landlords and Tenants – The Rental Market

Date : Thursday 30th April 2020

Time : Mauritius time: 14:00 hrs

Duration: 1 hour

Panelists :

Danny Fon Sing, CEO, MaxCity Group


Danny Fon Sing is an Executive Director of MaxCity Properties, a major property developer in Mauritius. He graduated from the London School of Economics in 1990 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Cooper & Lybrand in London in 1994 before returning to Mauritius to join MaxCity, his family business.


Jean Paul Boyer, Head of Broking, Broll Indian Ocean

As Head of Broking at Broll Indian Ocean, Jean Paul brings a vast amount of experience in deal making on behalf of local and international investors, developers, landlords and tenants.

Consulting Expert : Richard Wooding, Director, Matrix-8

Moderator : Sanjeev Ghurburrun, Director, Geroudis Limited

The Landlord and tenant relationships are highly strained at present. As Government puts pressure on businesses to maintain employment, other fixed costs, such as rental payments are passed further down the line, with defaults and legal means used more as delaying tactics pending an expected state intervention in the forthcoming COVID bill.

But how does this play out now and for the landlords and tenants of the future?

Amidst changing consumer behavior, the reduction in value of high street brands and reduced consumer spend power, what possible changes can be brought to the rental environment for both offices and commercial space to adapt to a future of change and where the rental bill is taking a lower priority in the payment ladder.

The webinar seeks to provide clarity around some of the issues which operators in this sector face today. Principal amongst them are:

· Managing rental payments and what means are available for deployment
· What is the rental space of the future?
· Commercial space
· Office space
· Re-defining the Product Portfolio and core offering
· Adapting the Business Model beyond bricks and mortar
· Anticipating Consumer requirements

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