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The Retail business as we know it may never exist again. Consumers in Mauritius are scared – the arrival of COVID-19 has transformed shopping for consumable goods from being a pleasant and often social activity into being a perceived high- risk necessity.

The market has been effectively stopped through the last weeks of lockdown with no trading and therefore zero cashflow. Brands may no longer have the same loyalty and pulling power as it used to have, in this period of saving money and fear of an uncertain future.

What will be the reality of market demand and consumer spending power as we move forward.

Is consumer behavior changing, and what will be the purchasing trends and triggers?

The webinar seeks to provide clarity around some of the issues which retailers face today. Principal amongst them are:

  • Managing risk for employees and consumers
  • Do you need home delivery?
  • Re-defining the Product Portfolio and core offering
  • Adapting the Business Model beyond bricks and mortar
  • Anticipating Consumer requirements

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Consulting Expert : Richard Wooding, Director, Matrix-8

Moderator : Sanjeev Ghurburrun, Director, Geroudis Limited

Dinesh Tulsidas

Managing Director, Jetha Tulsidas Group

Daood Ingar

Managing Director, Mado Parfums

Prakash Ashok Sonah

CFO, Courts Mammouth

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