Nth Upgrade or tipping point?

Date : Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Time : Mauritius time: 17:00 hrs

Duration: 1 hour

Panelists :

Manish Bundhun, Chief HR Executive of the Rogers Group

Manish is a C-Suite Leader & trained Executive Coach, with over 18+ years in the field of Human Resources and Organisation Development. Holder of an MBA, he is also a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Neuro Semantics.

Currently, Chief Human Resources Executive at the Rogers Group, his current responsibility covers 5,500+ employees over 13 countries & 7 business sectors.

His personal mission is to ignite the spark of transformation in people and is passionate about making the world a better place to work.

Krishan Deeljore, Consultant and Founder, BI Instruments

Krishan L.K Deeljore is the Founder and Managing Director of BI Instruments Ltd, a boutique consulting firm providing coaching and advisory services to SMEs in the Indian Ocean and East Africa region.

Holder of a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and a Master’s in Business Administration, Krishan has more than twenty years of experience in Human Resources. During his career, he held Senior HR positions in multinational companies such as Accenture and Barclays, and most recently Ciel Textile.

His main areas of expertise are Performance Coaching, Talent Management and Managing Change. Krishan also served as a member of the Management Board of the Outsourcing and Telecommunications Associations of Mauritius (OTAM) from 2015 to 2017 and is a past National President of Round Table Mauritius.

Moderator : Sanjeev Ghurburrun, Director, Geroudis Limited

Over the last few weeks, Business leaders and Human Resources (HR) departments have been playing a major role in protecting well-being of employees, ensuring business continuity and managing employment costs. Some decisive HR measures were taken, namely to stop salary increases, freeze hiring, cancel training events and postpone all projects for the rest of the year to name a few.

As employees now prepare for a progressive return to work and businesses brace themselves to face the daunting prospect of a recession, there are 5 significant changes we should expect to see and manage:

  1. Employee Engagement levels have most likely dropped quite significantly
  2. Employees’ priorities have changed
  3. Work, Worker and Workplace disruptions
  4. Amplified levels of Technostress
  5. Value of Talent has increased

What role can HR leaders and departments play to prepare and support organisations?

Even before COVID-19 happened, the HR function was subject to a lot of criticism from Top Management. We have been talking about the need for transformation in order for it to remain relevant in today’s digital world. So is this going to be the nth upgrade or rather the long-awaited tipping point for HR to transform itself as a business function?

In this live webinar we will talk about:

  1. Opportunities and advice for HR teams
  2. 10 ways of shaping the future workforce
  3. HR Transformation: it’s now or never!

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