How to go about raising funding for your business in difficult times

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Cash is king. Fine. But how to access funding and cash if times are difficult and the business is finding it difficult to find the necessary cash flow to stay afloat or otherwise move forward with its plans.

The webinar seeks to provide clarity and suggestions on some ways in which you, as a business owner or manager can raise capital:

  • Going to your bank: be prepared!
  • Leverage your assets, including unexpected ones…
  • Factoring
  • Using future revenues in the negotiation
  • Shareholders support
  • Guarantees from public institutions: where to look for?
  • Considering partners in the share capital: new shareholders?
  • Merger with a competitor?


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Moderator : Sanjeev Ghurburrun, Director, Geroudis Limited

Michel Juanico

Director, Uppwise

Richard Wooding

Director, Matrix-8

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