How to deal with requests for extension of time for payment from your customers?


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Businesses are being forced to consider extensions of credit for their customers. How do you, as a business owner or manager decide whether to please the customer, or risk losing him or her or your money? 

The pressure to maintain your market share or customer base is as compelling as the risk of losing more money, a very precious commodity in these times. 

In this webinar we look at some tips and suggestions which you can use to assess whether you are on the right track to give or refuse more time or credit to your customers. 

The webinar seeks to provide clarity around some of the issues which management faces today. Principal amongst them are: 

  • Getting access to information from your customer;
  • Assessing the risk of whether your customer is financially healthy or trustworthy;
  • Grading that customer;
  • Suggesting an action plan for the customer?
  • Taking a more calculated risk and better decision when it comes to giving credit on your money generally!

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Moderator : Sanjeev Ghurburrun, Director, Geroudis Limited

Michel Juanico

Director, Uppwise

Richard Wooding

Director, Matrix-8

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