Past Seminar : Defining your distribution strategy as a monopoly

Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel
Rs 12500 (VAT Incl) – MQA Approved Seminar


An overview

If the recent amnesty by the competition authorities and recent fines awarded against Resale Price Maintenance suggest something – it is that the Competition authorities have spent time studying the distribution market for a while, assessing price movements and terms of business in this sector if industry.

It is high time to protect your business by assuring compliance with competition legislation and at the same time provide to your team the proper awareness of issues and suggested best practice sin the field.

What do you take home?

  • How do you know if you are a monopoly within your relevant product market
  • A summary of the general principles affecting monopolies
  • Forms of distribution
  • Pricing policies – When resale price maintenance does not apply
  • Vertical agreements
  • Distribution best practices

Who should attend ?

This is a targeted seminar for distributors (Retailers, stores and large retailers) having products which hold more than 30% of their product market.


Geroudis Management Services




Founder and Head of Legal

Sanjeev Ghurburrun has an LLB from the University of Birmingham, and was called to the Bar in Mauritius since 1995. Sanjeev has assisted clients to make representations to the Competition Commission in relation to changes in legislation and suggested improvements or guidelines requirements. He assisted clients in working towards a change of policy of Government in the liberalisation of cement prices in Mauritius, which included making representations to the Competition Commission.
Rodney RAMA

Rodney RAMA

Senior Barrister

A former Commissioner at the Competition Commission of Mauritius (2009 to 2016), Rodney Rama was also recently the General Manager of the Agricultural Marketing Board (2011 to 2015), before returning to full time practice. He is an LLB Holder from the London School of Economics in 1990, Rodney Rama has been called to the Bar in 1991 in the UK and 1994 in Mauritius. His career ranges from private practice in Mauritius to senior management in the UK and Mauritius.

Join our seminar to understand how you can implement a distribution strategy in accordance to Competition Laws.

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