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Are you being discriminated against at work?

Are you being discriminated against at work?

Find out!

Did you know that there are more than 4 forms of discrimination; some are illegal, some legal and some enforced by law!!

Possibly the least spoken about in Mauritius so far, and the most lethal to careers of women in employment is what has been researched as ‘second-generation bias’. In most other countries, it is considered the main cause of why there are so few women at the top!

One author even considers it to be modern sexism – and researched it to be characterized by:

“beliefs that discrimination against women is a thing of the past, antagonism towards women who are making political and economic demands, and resentment about special favors for women. Notably, individuals espousing such views do not regard these notions as sexist or unfair and (…) conclude that, given the even playing field upon which the two sexes now compete, the continuing under-representation of women in certain roles (e.g., management positions…) must be a result of women’s own choices or inferiority as opposed to discrimination.”

– Stefanie K Johnson – (2017) What the science actually says about gender gaps in the workplace – HBR

Attending this free presentation will give you:

• The awareness and a different outlook on your company’s policies and decisions

• The possibility of learning about alternatives and suggestions;

• And the option of finding other means for career growth!

Date: 5th March 2020 – Financial Services Institute, 8th Floor, SICOM Tower, Ebene

14:00 Hrs to 15:00 Hrs

40 mins presentation and 20 mins discussion and questions!

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