COVID-19 : Protecting your job!

The future looks grim… but you can at least do something about it.

Consider 5 steps you can take to protect your job:

Step 1 – know where your company is at?

Step 2 – Are you fat, muscle or bone?

Step 3 – What is my performance from the eyes of the Management or my bosses?

Step 4 – Maximising your value

Step 5 – Know your rights but for the right reasons!

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5 things to consider to be in a better position to keep your job

These are worrying times. As employees, we are now faced with fear for our health and that of our family, staying at home with all that this entails, kids who will probably not be going back to school before September or October 2020, and the added fear of losing our jobs.

In the face of all this, let’s try a pragmatic approach to see what our chances are to keep our jobs and how we can go about calculating this in 5 steps …

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