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One point of view is that the higher level of bias is only prevalent because of non-awareness of the what amounts to bias. And the downside has been that most commentators and activists would complain about the problem without providing much of a roadmap out of it..

 So we have decided to brave the winds and propose something different – and FREE!

 In collaboration with the Financial Services Institute, under the aegis of Incubator for Women program of its parent Ministry, we are pleased to announce a free seminar on discrimination at work –

 What it is about:

 It is a review of the main types of bias, with recommendations on how corporations can get out of them. The critical one being second generation bias – which is the main reason why women have such low progression to the highest pinnacles of company management and Board of directorships.

 This may be the best decision to spend time you ever made – and of course, we will learn from you as well – so its win win!

Join us!

Empowerment of Women through Board Directorship

Date:  2nd April 2020

Venue : The Financial services Institute, 8th floor, SICOM Tower, Ebene


Have questions? Our team is here to help. Call (+230) 2103838 – Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm MUT.

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