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What are the actual benefits you can have in carrying out enforcement alongside having a distribution in Mauritius: 

  1. Learn the size of your product market
  2. Know the main players and where they import from
  3. Use the information to change your market and shift sales to your appointed distributor!
  4. Have monthly statistics of market evolution. 

We have the benefit of having a legal system which allows for exclusivity with rights to enforce such exclusivity. Brand owners who are aware of how to harness the system can further fortify their franchise, distribution or sales targets so as to optimise outputs.

Let’s plan a consult with our solution specialists. A meeting normally lasts 30 minutes. Sometimes, it is better to bounce your ideas with someone. Let us help you with this.

The meeting normally starts with a review of your needs and your legal obligations.
We would then make a short presentation for you on immediate and actionable steps which you can use within your business, without more, and without our further assistance. 

We then review the options available to address your needs and we can together consider whether there is a plausible solution to your liking.

If not, hey, at least you will have come out of this with better understanding of the help you can look for and what needs to be done.

Have questions? Our team is here to help. Call (+230) 2103838 and ask for ELMER – Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm MUT.

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