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Paranoia at the workplace

Is the employer now the ‘authorised’ Big Brother of the workplace? Is there such a thing as an employee’s right to privacy at work or is this a dichotomy?

Data Protection 2.0

The existing Data protection legislation on which the Mauritian Government has based its growing ICT and BPO sectors which now account for more than 12% of the Mauritius GDP was very much ripe for an overhaul.

Getting to a new Public Procurement mindset

Mauritius has long been one of those countries which favours restrictions in Public Procurement in order to limit the number of entities which can bid and benefit from Government or Government related tenders.

‘RFA’ (Ristourne de Fin D’Année) – Is it legal?

Habits die hard, we know. But lucrative ones take even longer to change ...   Consider the good old practice of the ‘ristourne de fin d’année’ (the ‘RFA’) which has been for more than 20 odd years, a cornerstone of Mauritian retail promotion system. For those not...

The Africa Paradox

In all indexes and review, Mauritius seems to be and is doing very well in its placement as a destination for business and a hub for Africa. It has maintained its diplomatic aura and invited events of COMESA and SADC to its shores, committed to Double Tax Avoidance African ventures and worked towards increasing its ranking all round sometimes as part of Africa…

Comments on IP Bill 2017

This report provides an overview of the concerns of our several clients and ourselves as law firm active in IPR protection, concerning the proposed new draft intellectual property rights bill. Additions relating to the accession of Mauritius to the Madrid system, geographical origins protection and layout design are commendable and expected since around 2004…

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