Over the last 20 years, we have been at the helm of most of the main jurisprudence in the field of IPR in Mauritius.

  • The first cases on protection of famous marks
  • The first parallel import restriction matters
  • The first prison sentences for counterfeiting
  • The first civil raid for counterfeiting
  • The first Customs notification cases
  • We advised on the 2002 change in legislation and are presently making representations on the expected legislation change forthcoming on Madrid and adjustments to grey market system.

Our Services

Our New 2019 Services

IP in Banking

Most banks have got it wrong in Mauritius. They have invested in IT systems due to Bank of Mauritius regulations and requirements, without a proper review of the consequences of the intellectual property rights which exist on the software – and the bottom line is generally that they are saddled with the same service provider forever. With costs overruns (which in some cases go higher than 7 Billion rupees) and this without having understood the power of copyright. What can be done?

IP in Insolvency

Liquidators and administrators may seldom consider the full impact of Intellectual property rights within the ambit of a liquidation or restructuring where the main interest may be either to keep the going concern and find a new buyer, or maximise asset value for distribution. An intellectual property overview may unlock unconsidered value for the benefit of a sale or buy out. We provide a half day VIP review of issues.

IP in the Workplace (since 2018)

There is a general tendency for courts in Mauritius to defend the right of an employee to move around from one employment to another and protect his or her right to find a new job. Within this general framework, it is very much possible however, to restrict the leaving employee from taking with him or her sensitive, confidential and other information from a company to another which may be a competitor. The Intellectual Property protection system at the workplace is the best-known system to prevent this and protect your intangible assets such as databases, business information, trade secretst etc, but it is not automatic. We can provide assistance in setting up a system conducive to the protection of your intangible assets.

Advisory and Litigation Services

We assist our clients from start to finish with new product development planning, to implementation and manufacture and exploitation of their Intellectual property rights, in tailoring licences, rights, assignments and other such incentives, as well as litigation related to general protection of brands.

    Enforcement Services

    We provide border protection and domestic enforcement against counterfeits, piracy and parallel imports in Mauritius. We have created subscription services which make it easier for brand owners to get an all in one package which is more user friendly and simple to work with.

      For Mauritian companies already registered at customs

      As some companies may have found out on their own, customs only stops 10 to 15% of all imports, not because of any irregularity in their procedures, but simply because they have do not have the manpower required and the overriding priority to comply to speed of execution benchmarks set up the World Customs Organizations and the demands of a competitive Ports market in the National Interest.

      This means that for most brands, already registered in Mauritius, customs protection remains incomplete, and a larger initiative is normally required to keep counterfeiting or parallel imports in check. We can assist with tailoring your enforcement campaign and implementing it. For further information, please contact us so we can pay you a visit.

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      Sanjeev Ghurburrun

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