Geroudis hold the highest recovery recorded in Mauritian courts so far with MUR 185,000,000 rupees recovered in one asset recovery matter in 2015.

We are part of the ICC Fraudnet network and known as the specialists in the field of recovery in Who’s Who for the 5 last years running!

There are presently ongoing cases for freeze and other orders for amounts in excess of 2 billion rupees in which Geroudis is assisting parties.

In 2019 – our new services are:

Fact finding and crisis management:

A. AML/CFT, anti-corruption, anti-bribery and other such procedures also requires the setting up and planning for fact finding committees and crisis management committees according to best practice.

B. We assist our clients by setting up those systems and further assist them in cases of emergency with handling the legal part including interviews, hiring forensic teams and their contracts, to make sure that report delivered by third party experts meet the needs of recovering monies or making insurance claims.

For asset recovery purposes, we consider speed of execution to be of the essence, both for domestic and international enforcement and asset tracing, and through the ICCFraudnet network, which is considered to be the leading asset recovery network in the world, we have the unique ability and can assist in collaboration with specialists of the world in recoveries spanning several countries.

Our Services


Our TAC Centre provides legal training, audit and compliance services for business to create awareness of employee fraud, business and third party frauds and industry related frauds including setting up of anti fraud and whistleblower policies.

Investigation Support

We provide assistance in times of crisis with setting up the main investigation team, support in investigations specially for interviews and analysis of data as well as reputation and media management.

We have a good rapport with authorities and have successfully collaborated with authorities, in the only court application so far, for a private sector victim to recover assets which were frozen by public authorities during their own fraud investigations.

Post fraud

Either locally or internationally through the ICCFraudnet network, we assist victims in recovering assets and stolen property. We have renowned expertise in multi-jurisdictional actions as well as liaison with authorities such as the fraud office or police or other investigative institutions.

Geroudis holds one of the highest recovery rates for Mauritius for having in the year 2015 assisted its client with the recovery of MUR 175 million and further having been the first to use the new asset recovery provisions made available in the Mauritius legislation.

Key Contacts

Sanjeev Ghurburrun

Sanjeev Ghurburrun

Founder and Head of legal

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