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In order to make sure that you will fit as part of a team of focused and highly interactive and entrepreneurial spirits, we have designed a series of tests which are tough but designed to make sure that each and every person on the team will feel about you as they feel about each other and can in full trust work with you daily to build their tomorrow.

If you want the fast pace life of a start up, mentoring from the experience of a 20 + years law practice, and  drive of an entrepreneur style management, show me that you are ready for it. Sanjeev Ghurburrun

Founder and Head of Legal, Geroudis

We’re Hiring !

Senior Barrister - Competition Law



The Senior Barrister / Attorney role requires the person to deal with complex matters, supervise and coach juniors and act as a client minder providing customer service and support. He is the expert in his field of expertise.  


The post validity is for a Barrister / Attorney of more than 10 years’ experience in the field of Competition Law in his or her country of practice.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities


The following is a non-exhaustive list of duties:


  • Researching and analysing the law on complex issues and writing briefs for submission to a supervising lawyer.
  • Synthesizing legal research and analysis into a coherent written memorandum or brief for submission to a client, Court or arbitrator.
  • Appearing in a Court of Law, or relevant Commission on behalf of the firm’s client, as well as presenting well-reasoned arguments to the judicial body.
  • Analysing and summarizing complicated legal documents, including contracts, and suggesting alterations to those documents.
  • Performing discovery of various electronically stored data and hard copies of information in preparation for litigation.
  • Negotiating with outside parties on contractual issues and legal disputes, including settlement conferences.
  • Anticipating and mitigating potential legal problems within the law firm or for a client — and developing strategies to avoid costly litigation and reduce potential areas of risk.
  • Performing due diligence in legal matters concerning contracts, agreements, and mergers and acquisitions.
  • To deliver training on specific topics both to internal and external stakeholders.
  • To contribute to the research work/library with relevant body of knowledge. To be the subject matter expert in Competition law.


Supervisory Responsibilities


This role will not have direct reporting lines, though will involve working and influencing other employees in parallel/matrix reporting lines.


Degree of Independence/Supervision


  • Requires minimal supervisions on the job. Independently works under broad supervision and can manage one owns time efficiently.
  • Follows principle of project and quality management.
  • Perform hierarchical escalation only in situation of exception.


Qualifications and Experience


  • Bachelor degree in Law/LLB or equivalent.
  • Qualification from the relevant bar council.
  • 10+ years of experience as a competition/ anti-trust barrister or attorney.




Essential technical skills required are:


  • Moderate to expert level in MS Office Suite.
  • Highly analytical and good research skill.
  • Experience in business process documentation methodologies.
  • Desired experience in project/process management methodologies.


This role will be based in a fast paced, fact changing start-up type environment and as such requires an individual with exceptional skills in the following:


  • Excellent negotiator.
  • High level of inter-personal skill.
  • Willingness to maintain and increase expertise and skills.
  • Excellent communicator in English or French – both written and verbal.
  • Good team players.
  • Ability to deal with simultaneous tasks/projects.


Meticulous and detail oriented. We are looking for exceptional individuals to be part of the company transformation team in an exciting fast paced start up culture. Skills and experience are required, appreciated and valued but personality and character, intelligence and integrity will be paramount considerations.


Contract Type


Full time permanent. Please send your Resume and Cover Letter on



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