Thank you for your interest in our Network. Our mission is to help businesses create and manage dominance in their markets, by providing specialised legal and technical support. The Core values which drive us forward are that:

  • The work we do here provides for our families and helps us reach our goals, and this helps our clients and their families.
  • We are always accurate even if we are not perfect.
  • We are innovators and creators and those who get things done!
  • We are absolutely honest, never allowing the ends to justify the means.
  • We are willing to admit our mistakes because we can learn from them.
  • We are always improving our skills, systems and services.
  • We are at peace with ourselves but at war for customer satisfaction.

The above is our magic statement and our cause.

Similarly, I expect you to have your own personal, professional and financial goals. I believe that for the best possible future together they should match with our goals, so that we can all progress, at least for the while where it is mutually beneficial on the same adventure to the same higher levels.

In order to make sure that you will fit as part of a team of focused and highly interactive and entrepreneurial spirits, we have designed a series of tests which are tough but designed to make sure that each and every person on the team will feel about you as they feel about each other and can in full trust work with you daily to build their tomorrow.

If you want the fast pace life of a start up, mentoring from the experience of a 20 + years law practice, and  drive of an entrepreneur style management, show me that you are ready for it.

Sanjeev Ghurburrun

Founder and Head of Legal, Geroudis

No vacancies found.

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